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We help you set the right course. Whether it is importing into the EU, logistics or invoicing. Business with dried fruits and nuts is not always simple. After more than 50 years, we know our way around all obstacles and will guide you through the business procedures.

As a service agency for dried fruits and nuts, we see it as our obligation to accompany you through the ongoing business. We work in the background to ensure smooth running of contracts we broker, by – on request – handling the majority of the processes. That saves you a lot of frustration, time and money. Over the course of almost five decades, we have built up a lot of experience in import procedures and are happy to make our know-how available to you. Specifically, we can deal with the following:


Our many years of experience have taught us that there can be complications along the way when bringing certain goods from all over the world to Europe. We take care of load planning for you and ensure that the goods leave their place of origin on schedule and arrive at the buyer in good time.


The devil is often in the detail! Text on packaging seems so simple, and yet, there is a lot of work involved in getting it right. We have experience and a lot of practice in the development of EU-compliant text for packaging and labels.


Whether it is a B/L, document of origin or a phytosanitary certificate, we know what matters when it comes to importing dried fruits and nuts. We help ensure that all the documents are correctly prepared and displayed, so that there are no problems when importing.


On request, we can take care of customs matters for you. If you are headquartered within the EU, we make customs declarations in your name. If your headquarters are located outside the EU, the goods can be declared and imported in the name of our sister company Nutfair GmbH ( if desired.


Many dried fruits and nuts have special storage requirements. In Hamburg, we work with various warehouse owners and can store the goods at the right price–performance ratio. If necessary, we also store goods throughout Europe.


Each dried fruit or nut has its own special characteristics. We know them all and check the goods with the assistance of certified laboratories. Many of our partners trade the goods according to our specifications, which you can also find on this website.


We organise transportation within Europe for you. Whether it is one ton or whole lorryloads – we maintain a close-knit network of reliable couriers offering good value for money.


We prepare invoices for you and take care of the debt collection. Upon receipt of the money, the invoice amount is paid to you immediately, after deduction of our commission and any costs. If necessary, we can also pay you the money before we receive it from the buyer. On this topic, please also see the consignment section.


Since dried fruits and nuts are natural products that can deviate from the norm, complaints can occur from time to time. We are there to support you in such cases. In the decades gone by, we have found a solution to all complaints thus far. We resolve issues calmly and with expertise, and do our best to keep any costs as low as possible.

Re – Export

Sometimes, it can be the case that certain dried fruits and nuts cannot be imported into the EU because they violate regulations on maximum limits of substances, such as aflatoxins or pesticides. In such cases, the goods must be returned to their country of origin. We take care of processing their return and make the best out of the unfortunate situation.


We bring together buyers and sellers. Regardless of whether you want to buy or sell dried fruits and nuts, we have contacts in Europe and around the world and can find the right partner for you.

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We help you set the right course. Whether it is importing into the EU, logistics or invoicing. Business with dried fruits and nuts is not always simple. After more than 50 years, we know ...

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Anchor your business in Europe. We open up the market of the European Union, with more than 500 million potential consumers, to you.

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